Lom Stave Church Center
Lom Stave Church Center

Lom Stave Church Center

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Lom Stave Church is one of only 28 left. In the Middel Ages it is estimated that Norway had around 1000 stave churches. The 28 stave churches still standing tells the story of a different time and hints about the rich cultural heritage in Norway.

Lom Stave Church buildt around 1220 have playd an important roll in the life of people living in Ringebu. The church got its current form around 1663, the church have been through several restaurations since then, the last one taking place in 1973.

The exhibition recounts the 800-year history of Lom stave church. The exhibition includes unique original artefacts, both from the church and from exavations under the floor of the church.

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Lom Stave Church Center

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Lom Stave Church Center


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