Lyngen Outdoor Center
Lyngen Outdoor Center

Lyngen Outdoor Center

Lyngen Outdoor Center is surrounded by beautiful mountains and fjords, including the famous Lyngen Fjord. We have three seaside apartments for rent.

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About us

Lyngen Outdoor Center


  • Place run by dedicated team of outdoor specialists
  • 3 Comfortable apartments with sauna, located right at the seaside, 20 beds total.
  • Fleet of own boats
  • Wide range of activities
  • Summer: hiking, seafishing, mountain running, fjord cruising
  • Winter/Spring: ski-touring, ice-climbing, dog-sledging, snow scooters
  • OCT-FEB – northern lights, whale-watching (orcas and whales)

Lyngen Outdoor Center is located in the eastern part of Uløya Island, in the far north of Norway, 500 km beyond the Arctic Circle. Uløya is a special place – it’s remote, quiet, it’s out of the way. It’s immersed in the amazing surrounding of the beautiful mountains and crystal-clear fjords, including the famous Lyngen Fjord. Being here you get a chance chance to practice a wide range of activities and sports. But first of all you feel as if on another planet.

You find us in a place called Uløybukt, 100m from the ferry port of the same name. The only road on this part of the island leads straight to us. You can reach us by regular ferry or by our boat.

We offer comfortably furnished apartments in two buildings located 50 metres from the water line. The apartments offer everything you would need for wintersports or boating and fishing trips with friends, including a drying room for equipment.

We have excellent skiing and avalanche safety equipment for rent at a lodge. We prepare outstanding cuisine – a fusion of local tradition and international spice. We have a fleet of modern aluminum boats and a large-sized pier, belonging to the property, reaching out approx. 50m into the sea. A comfortable floating bridge allows for safe and easy docking.

Lyngen Outdoor Center was created out of passion for outdoors and nature. We are people for whom outdoors is the way of life. We are mountain climbers, skiers, divers and anglers. We ventured with expeditions to Patagonia, Mali, Madagascar, Causacus and Tien-Szan, we climbed in the Alps, Himalayas and we even stormed K2 in winter. We are experts in our fields and so we created this place to share our knowledge and passion with our guests.

  • Summer: from NOK 10 000 per week/person
  • Winter and Autumn: from NOK 17 000 per week/person

For more details see our website
+47 900 28 697

9197 Uløybukt, Uløya, 1941 Skjervøy
Owner: Artur Paszczak

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Lyngen Outdoor Center

What we offer

Lyngen Outdoor Center

Alpine skiing
Cross country skiing
Adventure center
Boat rental
Dog sledding
Whale Safari
Ice climbing
Snow Scooter

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