Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg
Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg

Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg

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About us

Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg is one of the most northern hotels, situated in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. We’ll offer you completely different kind of stay. You will sleep like the miners who founded this community.

In Polarrigg you will find cozy single, double and family rooms with shared and private facilities, outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna, spa, bar and tropical Winter Garden restaurant, where you can try homemade arctic and Norwegian cousin.

Our helpful staff will guide you, so you can experience Svalbard at it’s best and completely relax surrounded by breathtaking wild nature.

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Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg

What we offer

Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg

Cabin rental
Bed & Breakfast
Wellness & Spa
Northern Lights
Midnight sun

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