Måsøy Museum

The municipality of Måsøy is a typical fishing community, and the collection of objects and pictures of Måsøy Museum reflect this.

Måsøy Museum is situated in the local centre of Havøysund. The museum was originally built as a vicarage in 1950.

Until the 1960s most families in the community had animal husbandry. Since then specialization has been prevalent, and fishing is now the primary industry. For a large part, the objects consist of technical facilities which the fishermen have used during the first part of the 1900s. Additionally, the museum has permanent exhibitions of the interiors of kitchen, sitting-room, bedroom, shoemaker’s shop, and classroom from around 1920/30.

Måsøy Museum has a comprehensive collection of pictures open to the public.

Måsøy Museum

Kirkeveien 3, 9690 Havøysund
+47 923 50 016
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