Munkeby Herberge

Herberge is located northeast of Trondheim in gorgeous surroundings near the small town Levanger. We have turned a traditional farm to a cosy place for accomodation, dining, meetings and celebrations.

Our oldest building, “Stabburet”, was built in 1681. Here we are housing the pilgrims who are walking the St.Olavs Way, a 560km long route from Sundsvall to Trondheim through beautiful scenery. In another old house, from 1827, we have a small shop, and a cafe. Totally we can offer 9 rooms, with from 2 to 7 beds in various standard. 

We’ve recently refurbished our barn called “Låven” which can be used as a dining hall, for meetings and other events. We can house up to 90 people. Our food can best be described as “Grandma`s cookery”. It is local, traditional and everything is made from local produce. 

In the nearby you find an old and a new monastry. You also find beautiful paths to walk near the river. The town Levanger offer a gallery, museums, sporting arenas and shops. The very heart of the hostel, and why visitors return, is the fact that the owners provide them with their time. “We set aside time to take care of each individual guest,” explains Fiskvik. “There’s a good atmosphere here, and we give our visitors the attention that they want.”

Munkeby Herberge

Munkebyveien 245, 7608 Levanger, Norway