Museums of North Østerdal
Museums of North Østerdal
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The Museums of the North Østerdal is an open-air museum consisting of 11 departments spread across 6 municipalitys in the North Østerdal region. This makes up 162 antiquarian museum buildings. The administration centre is Ramsmoen at Tynset.

These are some of the places you can visit:

Tynset Village Museum

At Tynset, you will find Tynset Village Museum. This open-air museum gives you a unique insight into the development of the architectural style in the North Østerdal, with the oldest building dating back to about 1690 and the newest to the 1930s. During the summer the museum plays host to different events, and you can also join guided tours. It is also nice to just take a stroll and relax on the museum grounds.

Folldal Open-air Village Museum (Uppigard Streitlien)  

Folldal Open-air Village Museum is home to several well preserved buildings from the North Østerdal and Gubrandsdalen. The national park Rondane works as a stunning backdrop to the museum. In the summer you can join a guided tour or visit one of the events.  

The Bull Museum

The Bull Museum in Rendalen is the childhood home of the author Jacob Breda Bull (1853 – 1930). The museum was originally an old vicarage. Today, the museum is filled with furniture and artefacts that are linked to Bull’s authorship. When the Bull family left the vicarage, most of the furniture was auctioned off. But when the locals learnt there would be a museum dedicated to Bull, they brought back the furniture they had bought from the Bull family to furnish the museum. Bull himself, had always wanted his childhood home to be turned into a museum, and had made detailed drawings of the different rooms.


Dølmotunet in Tolga is a farm museum in the middle of Tolga. The farm consists of nine buildings placed in a square courtyard. In the summer, you can visit the café and try some traditional food, like lemse with gubb. Children will appreciate the petting zoo, where they can visit calves, pigs, sheep, hens, rabbits and goats.


Oddentunet in Os is a well preserved farm, dating back to the early 1800s. The main building is particularly famous for its rare ornamental painting and carpentry. The merchant road from Dalarne in Sweden to Røros runs across the farm. This made the farm an ideal spot for trade, accommodation and postal services. The museum is open during the summer.


Husantunet in Alvdal is one of the best preserved farm courtyards in Norway. All of the buildings are original and are standing in their original position. This is what makes Husantunet unique. Because of this, the museum offers an excellent glimpse into the farm life of the past. The museum is open in the summer.

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