Nanouak Dogsledding Norway
Nanouak Dogsledding Norway
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Come admire the beauties of our beautiful Finnmark region in the North of Arctic Norway. The kennel is located above the village of Nesseby with a stunning views of the Varanger Fjord. Activities take place in the sector from: (Varangerhalvøya Nasjonalpark on the Taiga border, Tundra, Great trays; mountains; fjords; Arctic Coast Barents Sea at 70th parallel). You may also be lucky enough to watch the Northern Lights, as we are ideally located to see them, from September to early April.

I propose raids for the day and for several days mainly and multi activity stays

I have been musher for more than twenty years.

Me David Godin:

Since 1997, I have worked for Mushing France, Canada (Quebec and Yukon), and Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden and Finland.

I first settled at Les Carroz d'Araches, in the French Alps. But my dogs were cramped. The snow period was too short to take them to run as they pleased.

In 2003, I left for a winter to train Nicolas Vanier's dogs for the Yukon Quest race and also after to work on the shooting of the film, the last trapper, or 4 of my dogs (including Apache hero of the movie; Pussy; Rox Nabucco are in the hitch of the film.

Seven years after this experience in the Yukon, I left then in 2010, for the path of Scandinavia in Norway.

With my dogs, we traveled a long road for days. We set up our base camp in Drevsjø Hedmark and after a few years in this sector of Lake Femund where the race takes place, the Femundløpet 450 and 650 km.

After settling definitely in Finnmark at the Arctic coast in Nesseby above the Varanger Fjord in Sami territory, where the long distance race takes place, the Finnmarksløpet 1200km!

The longest race in Northern Europe and the 3rd longest in the world.

I am pleased to welcome you here to the far North of Norway.

I have at heart to share with you my passion for this region, dogs and sled. So, welcome.

A price range:


March 1 to early May.

9 days; 7 days of raid:

Adul: 26,500 kr / 2,650 €

On this raid, he sleeps 5 nights in cabin shelter and 2 in lavvo tent.

December 1 to early May.

7 days; 5 days of raid:

Adul: 19 500kr / 1950 €

Children 9/13 years old: 11500 kr / 150 €

On this raid, he sleeps 3 nights in cabin refuge and 2 in a lavvo tent

2/On a day, what I propose.

Initiation 2h driving:


1000 kr / 100 €

Child 8/13 years:

400 kr / 40 €

½ day of driving:


1500 kr / 150 €

Child 8/13 years:

800 kr / 80 €

A day of initiation on the Tundra.

Driving day; The meal is included in the price:


2500 kr / 250 €

Child 9/13 years:

1000 kr / 100 €

3/Stay 8 days.



1200 € / 12 000 kr

Children 9/13 years:

600 € / 6000 kr

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Nanouak Dogsledding Norway

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Nanouak Dogsledding Norway

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