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About us

Welcome to Narvik Aktiv

-Authentic nature experiences in Narvik -

Our philosophy

Narvik Aktiv wants everyone toget out in the nature, get inspired and take care of our beautiful planet.

We offer authentic outdoor activities attainable for everyone, no experience required. We believe that being in outdoors is good for our bodies and souls and we do it in a sustainable way so it is also good for the nature. 

Our tours are made in anauthentic way - instead of doing as much as possible on short time, we get out to explore what nature itself has to offer. We move in a comfortable pace with time to enjoy.  

If you join us on a tour we will take care of the safety and follow mother natures premises to give you the best possible experience to remember.  

Winter & spring
Snowshoeing brings you close to nature! 

We get off the beaten tracks and into the rugged landscape. We hike through fairylike forests and up in the low alpine terrain to enjoy beautiful views of fjords and mountains. At the lunch break we always make a fire to cook some traditional coffee. 

We do half day, full day or multiple day tours with camping or sleeping in huts. 

Summer & autumn
We love hiking, join us!

Hiking is a simple, peaceful and pure. We move in a comfortable pace up to summits or down in the valleys. The mountains around Narvik has unlimited possibilities for hiking tours with beautiful sceneries. 

We do everything from half day to week long hikes. And in the summer you can join us for a magic hike under the midnight sun. 

Tailor made tours

What is your dream tour? Tell us and we will help you arrange it.

We have tight partnership with mountain guides and instructors for climbing, skiing and avalanche courses. As a team we can put together a package that fits you. A day with teambuilding for your company? A hike to a specific place? A climbing tour up Norway’s National mountain Stetind? We like to be challenged!

Visit our website for more information and don't hesitate to contact us with questions or requests!

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