Nedre Bardu Gjestehus
Nedre Bardu Gjestehus

Nedre Bardu Gjestehus

Northern Horizon is a company born out of a passion for nature and wilderness. Experience the Aurora Borealis and the breathtaking Arctic landscape.

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About us

Nedre Bardu Gjestehus

Northern lights are available from October 1st till March. We are perfectly located in the middle of all the action. Normally the Northern lights will appear on the sky at the hotel, so I have built my buildings according to this. We are away from the lights of any city so even if the northern lights are low, you can see them. We also have a high spot only 15 minute drive from here.

  • At the top floor of the hotel I have made a glass fasade which means you can sit inside and wait for the Northern lights.
  • I have built a large balcony on one of the houses where you can sit outside, under roof, and wait for the Aurora.
  • I have also installed a jacuzzi where you can sit in 39C water, get massage and enjoy the Northern light just above your head.

We are also just a 40 minute drive to Sjøvegan, Heia, Øverbygd and Polar Park. Two of the first are the «best» spots for Northern lights! A lot of tourists are driving from Tromsø to Heia (almost two hour drive) for this. Polar Park is a zoo up here North where you actually can pet a wolf.

We have a lot of tourists coming here for fishing, ice fishing, ice climbing, snowboarding, skiing and hiking. While doing so, in the winter time, the Northern lights ar e a big plus :) We have a direct flight from Oslo to Bardufoss, and there are buses free of charge bringing you to a stop 300 meters from the hotell. Most people rent a car, so they can experience the surroundings with great mountains and large areas of quiet and relaxation :) We have two cars our selves, one Range Rover Evoque and one Tesla S P90D. If available they are great cars to rent.

We have six apartments with 2 bedroom each. Three houses with 4-6 bedrooms each. Three cottages containing kitchen, bathroom, sofa and bed. Six hotel rooms which each contains its own bathroom and kitchen.

All of my units are built so that you will have all you need for yourself. My main job is away from my home, so I built all my units as if I were to stay there myself.

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Nedre Bardu Gjestehus

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Nedre Bardu Gjestehus

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