Norway’s Resistance Museum
Norway’s Resistance Museum
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Norway’s Resistance Museum aims to give an authentic presentation of the German occupation during World War II. From prelude, through invasion and resistance, to liberation and peace, the museum gives a thorough view of important events and themes using sound, pictures, texts, authentic objects and lifelike models. Both the civilian and military resistance is dealt with.

The Resistance Museum is located in an old protected building from the 17th century on the grounds of Akershus Fortress, adjoining the memorial for Norwegian patriots executed during the war.

During at 200 meter walk through the old stone vaults, light is shed upon the five years of occupation from various angles and perspectives. The collections are provided with dual language captions in Norwegian and English, and paired with extensive use of symbolism, artistic details and authentic objects, the walk through the exhibition may prove a both strong and instructive process.

Experience the Portraits «The Kings of the Liberation»

The Resistance Museum was awarded the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for three consecutive years.

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Norway’s Resistance Museum

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Norway’s Resistance Museum

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