Norwegian Fjord Voyage

If you are looking for the best combination of enjoing the unique Norwegian nature and getting a perfect service for a resonable price- welcome to NORWEGIAN FJORD VOYAGE AS, Aanen Nilsen`s company- the brand for quality!

Our ships are hold in Sognefjorden area, where our main activity is.

The Aanen Nilsen`s shipping company was founded in 1973 .Since that time, during 42 years, it has performed hundreds of cruises worldwide. The usual term of a cruise was about 7 days and all voyages were started from Norway. In 1975 we started up catering for shipbuilding industry and also for the offshore industries. The list of our customers includes the names of such big companies like - Statoil – Norsk Hydro – Shell – Nutek – Westcon – Mærsk – and many many others. In 1997 we signed a contract with the Norwegian government. The cruise along the west coast of Svalbard was organized by Aanen Nilsen`s Shipping Company for 8 cabin ministers from Sweden-Norway-Denmark-Iceland Finland-the Faroe Island-Greenland and Åland with thesecretary of state.

During the last 12 years Aanen Nilsen has been cruising in the Sognefjord area. Many thousands of voyages between Flåm - Gudvangen – Lærdal – Sogndal – Leikanger – Balestrand and Vik have been made. In 2009 we started the company Norwegian Fjord Voyage Ltd. And many tour operators from differen countries know us as a reliable and responsible company. The captain Mr. Aanen Nilsen welcomes you and your tourists to the Sognefjord! On board our ships you will be able to enjoy the beauty of Norwegian fjords, get a reliable service and just relax!

Norwegian Fjord Voyage

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