Odal Village Museum
Odal Village Museum
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Odal Village Museum was established as early as in 1948. The museum was built little by little by relocating buildings from the surrounding districts to the museum grounds. The goal was to preserve a traditional farm courtyard. Today, the museum aims to give insight into the past, and at the same time generate commitment to the present.

Odal Village Museum is open during special events. In the summer months there are several exciting events. You can attend guided tours and experience what life was like 100 years ago. There is even a day dedicated to children. In the winter you can visit the atmospheric Christmas market. The museum is also open by appointment.

The museum also run a traditional Norwegian summer farm, Skålbergsetra, and a School Museum in the childhood home of author Sigurd Hoel (1890-1960), in the village of Sand.

For more info, visit https://odalstunet.no/

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