Ørnes Old Trading Post
Ørnes Old Trading Post

Ørnes Old Trading Post

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About us

In 1794 Elling Pedersen was granted a license to run an inn and to conduct trade.
This established the beginnings of Ørnes trading post and led to the erection of further buildings in the following years.
At its peak the installation contained 12-14 buildings, of which only three remain;
the main building, the bakery and the smithy.

Ørnes old trading post was listed as protected in 1942, and has been significantly renovated in recent years.
In the main building we have an exhibition about the trading post and its role in community development in Meløy.

The trading post is open to the public. You can sit down and sense the historic atmosphere there with the help of several exhibitions. With only a short distance to the Hurtigruten ships, buses and ferries, the Ørnes old trading post center from 1794 makes the perfect stop.

Today the “old bakery” is used to an brand new exhibition about “Operation Musketoon” from WW2.

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Ørnes Old Trading Post

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Ørnes Old Trading Post


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