Øvre Pasvik National Park Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre for Øvre Pasvik National Park is located 35 km south of Kirkenes (road 885) at Svanvik in the heart of the Pasvik valley. One of the world’s northernmost botanical gardens and Svanhovd Conference centre, with overnight accommodation, is also located at the site. Svanhovd is a good starting point for outdoor activities, such as fishing, bird watching and botanical outings, as well as hiking and paddling trips.

National Park Visitor Centre
Øvre Pasvik National Park is Norway’s largest area of northern old-growth pine forest. The exhibition at the national park’s visitor centre provides information about the Pasvik valley’s unique nature, culture and history, and you can find out more about the brown bear in the brown bear exhibition.

Conference centre 
Svanhovd is also a good meeting place for courses, conferences and accommodation. Guests are served from a buffet made from local ingredients and as a guest you have free access to the national park centre, botanical garden, sauna and outdoor activities.

Botanical gardens
Svanhovd has one of Finnmark’s most impressive gardens. There are more than 400 species of perennials, bushes, roses and trees, as well as a large number of summer annuals that are planted every year.

Øvre Pasvik National Park Visitor Centre

NO–9925 Svanvik