PAN Tretopphytter
PAN Tretopphytter
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How about staying in luxurious cabins, eight metres above the ground? Here you will wake up among the treetops to a magnificent view. Experiencing PAN treetop cabins is an adventure which combines the nature with groundbreaking architecture, design and engineering.

People who are seeking the quiet of the forest, exciting activities, local traditions and extraordinary animal life will have a memory for life visiting PAN. The comfortable cabins are suitable for families, visitors of all ages, groups of friends and all travelers with the desire to experience the real Norwegian wilderness under perfectly safe conditions.

The angle and placement of the cabins have been adjusted to precision in order to provide an optimum experience of natural light at any time. The large glass facades lets light pour in, adding ambience to the experience while simultaneously heating up the living area.

Materials, interior and flooring are all chosen specifically to adhere to sustainable principles. In the morning you will wake up with the nature and the breaking light of the sunrise. In the evening you will watch the sunset form a landscape slowly changing into night while the sounds of the forest changes as the light diminishes.

Being eight metres up in the air gives a unique perspective of nature and a spectacular view over the landscape. In the eastern parts of Norway you will find the beginning of a the largest belt of forest in the world. The Taiga, also known as boreal forest or snow forest, is the largest biome on land and covers most of the northern latitude. When entering Finnskogen, you are in the middle of this massive ecological system, and there is no other place in Norway where you have the same unique animal life with elk, venison, capercaillie, wolf, bear, lynx and a plethora of other animals.

Finnskogen has a rich mythical culture going back several hundred years. Many will feel the presence of the old forest gods as guests in this little known part of Norway. Architect MNAL Espen Surnevik won the Norwegian Award for Building Design in 2016 and several international prizes for excellent architecture for his work on Vaaler kirke. Master of Science Finn-Erik Nilsen has been involved in the development of well known monuments like the Norwegian Scenic routes and Juvet landscape hotel.

From the fall of 2018 guests are welcome to experience mysterious world of PAN.

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PAN Tretopphytter

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