Polar Adventures
Polar Adventures
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About us

Welcome to the arctic, the land of the dancing lights, polar adventures and our amazing tours.

Come experience the arctic natures rage and beauty. We will help you tailor authentic and mystical excursions in the arctic wilderness. Specializing in small group experiences that are family friendly and every excursion is guided by locals; giving you a real and genuine adventure while you’re visiting.

We provide all year activities such as northern light chases by bus and boat, whale safaris by bus and boat, fjord excursions and sightseeing tours by bus and boat, fishing tours, midnight sun expeditions by bus and boat, dog sledding, snow-mobile tours , reindeer-sledding, cultural experiences with the sami etc.

We provide and tailor familyfriendly, safe all-inclusive adventures in the arctic after your wishes.

Come and experience northern light hunts, whale watching tours, fjord excursions, scenic excursions, dog sledding, reindeer sledding, snowmobile tours, snowmobile tours and birdsafari tours. We also provide Singel transportation.

We can provide:
Guides, Transportation, Hot and cold meals during the trip, snacks, Insulated body suites, tripods, photos, hand warmers, Safety gear if needed and a great cozy atmosphere in small- goup.

Let the adventure begin!

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Polar Adventures

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Polar Adventures

Northern Lights
Fjord Safari
Sea fishing
Reindeer sledding
Dog sledding
Whale Safari

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