RiddoDuottarMuseat (RDM) is a foundation comprising four Sámi museums in Western Finnmark: Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat (The Sámi Museum in Karasjok), Guovdageainnu gilišillju (Kautokeino Community Museum), Porsánggu Musea (Porsanger Museum in Porsanger municipality) and Jáhkovuona mearrasámi musea (Kokelv Coastal Sámi Museum) in Kvalsund municipality. 

At our museums you will experience the Sámi cultural diversity from the coast to the inland, via artefacts, photographs and non-material cultural heritage. We own the largest culturalhistorical collection of artifacts of all the Sámi museums in Norway. The collection is related to trade, households, religion, duodji/handicrafts and pictorial art, with their origins throughout all of Sápmi (Sámiland). We also show a collection from World War II. The museums in Kokelv and Skoganvarre are seasonal, and are only held open in the summer.

De Samiske Samlinger
Mari Boine geaidnu 17, Karasjok

Kautokeino bygdetun
Boaronjárga 23, Kautokeino

Kokelv sjøsamiske museum

Porsanger museum - Exhibition in Lakselv and Skoganvarre

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NO-9735 Karasjok