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About us

RiddoDuottarMuseat is an association comprising four Sámi museums in West-Finnmark: Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat (The Sámi Museum in Karasjok), Guovdageainnu gilišilju (The Sámi Rural Museum in Kautokeino), Porsánggu musea (Porsanger Museum in Lakselv and Skoganvarre), and Jáhkovuona mearrasámi musea (Kokelv Coastal Sámi Museum in Hammerfest municipality).

At our museums you will experience the Sámi history, traditions and local communities, vernacular architecture and traditional building techniques, ways of livelihood, handicrafts and arts, religion and spirituality, traditional knowledge production and cultural diversity from coastal areas to the inland. The Porsanger museum also relate the history of World War II, as well as culture of the Kven people who are a Finnic ethnic minority in Norway.

Our museums have a digital application, VAPPUS, which can be downloaded from App Store/Play. VAPPUS guides our visitors through the outdoor museums and our main exhibitions. One can choose English, Norwegian, Finnish, or Sámi language for guiding.

We have over 9000 objects in our collections. This is the largest collection representing the Sámi cultural history in Norway. The museum in Kokelv and Skoganvarre is seasonal and are open in summer only.

Opening hrs: See website
Season: All year, except Kokelv and Skoganvarre
Info: A museum association of four Sámi museums
Website: www.rdm.no/eng
Email: post@rdm.no

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