Risvær Brygger

Risvær Brygger is on Risvær - a former fishing village on an  island-pair in Vågan municipality in Lofoten. Hjemøya Islands (primary)  and Bortøya is long after the other with a narrow Keil of sea in between. This Keila worked in the «old days» as a safe and protected  harbor for boats in an otherwise dirty and rough waters.

Risvær Brygger consists of 6 freehold cabins, consisting of three boetasjer. In the «main house» we have two apartments with three bedrooms. The apartments can also be opened up, so that there is a large apartment. You choose when even number of bedrooms (1-6).

Today the islands are populated with holiday homes and they are mainly inhabited only in summer. The area is characterized by good weather and a stunning view of the western fjord, surrounded by mountains of Lofoten and Hamarøya the horizon. From Risvær Brygger is Svolvaer city - with its own airport - just 30 minutes away.

In Risvær Brygger you also can rent a warm cozy bar in the maritime environment. Should it be desirable, it is of course possible to have served a good dinner too.

The best way to quit your day is in a hot tub quayside, regardless of the weather in the salty sea water...

Try us as well - you will definitely not regret it.

Risvær Brygger

Risvær, 8324 Digermulen
+47 932 12 550