Ryfylke Dampskibsselskab

MS Sandnes is an historic ship serving Norway’s west coast. She is a beautiful coastal liner, the finest ship of its kind. She was built in the late forties at Nyland Yards in Norway. MS Sandnes is now a proud sample of Norway’s historic fleet, preserved for the future by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

You can enjoy the feeling of going back in time and at the same time see some of Norway’s most dramatic and historic fjords, only one hour from Stavanger harbor. The ship’s restaurant pleases all your wishes. You may also have your meal served on the deck or in your own cabin. As a group you can rent this ship for hours or days. Whatever your
plans, we can give you custom made trips as you please.

See movie at www.mssandnes.no

Welcome onboard!

Ryfylke Dampskibsselskab

P.O. Box 407, NO-4002 Stavanger