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Welcome to Sagastad and our Viking experience in Nordfjordeid

Step into the world of the Viking King!

On May 10th the Sagastad Knowledge Center open the doors to the past for the very first time. You are hereby invited to an opening worthy of a King.

The opening day of Sagastad is approaching rapidly, and we hope that people from near and far will be a part of this historic event.

Sagastad is a brand new knowledge center focusing on the Viking Age. Here you can explore the 30 meter (100ft) long Myklebust ship – one of the worlds largest viking ships that has been found traces of. Learn about the mystics, the rituals, of the long voyages in fantastic ships and about our proud cultural history.

With one of the countries richest, largest and most spectacular Viking graves in the center of the town, Nordfjordeid is the obvious location for Sagastad.There are in addition several other graves from the Viking Age in Nordfjordeid, which confirms the importance of this area in the Viking Age.

Sagastad will be an experience center of national format. The center is rooted in research in cooperation with the University of Bergen, which will ensure the content of the exhibit. The most central part of the exhibition in Sagastad will be the 30 meter (100ft) long Myklebust ship. The ship will have its place in the middle of the center, surrounded by interactive exhibitions which are connected to the story about the ship and the other grave findings in Nordfjordeid.

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