Sanderstølen Høyfjellshotell
Sanderstølen Høyfjellshotell
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About us

Sanderstølen hotel, located in the middle of Golsfjellet, in Valdres. At 849 m above sea level, we live at the tree line, which gives a truly unique nature, which is only found in this part ofthe high mountain landscape. Valdres is a gem with a huge offer of activities. Here you can live centrally with a short distance to everything from ski slopes to fish lakes. A landscape that is incredibly accessible, with great opportunities for all kinds of activities. In winter, you can go cross country skiing in a 300km long trail network that revolves around this magnificent landscape. During the summer you can go fishing, kayaking, swimming,walking or enjoying locally produced food. The food traditions are strong in Valdres, and in the Bistro at Sanderstølen you get served dishes based on raw materials from local producers. New menu is offered daily, based on the season and the availability of raw materials. Here you will find peace of mind, among the most southern living reindeer tribe in Norway. Sanderstølen, the place to be to explore Norway at its finest. Live like a norwegian for a while, or stay for a lifetime. Its up to you, you are always welcome in Valdres. Check our website, to be updated on what is happening at Sanderstølen.

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Sanderstølen Høyfjellshotell

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Sanderstølen Høyfjellshotell

Cross country skiing
Alpine skiing
Sea fishing

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