Sara Husky
Sara Husky
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About us

About us

We are a small activity company situated in Karasjok, Finnmark, that offers a range of fun and adventurous experiences. We are a part of the Sami culture in Finnmark and are passionate about teaching you everything there is to know about our culture, history, and cuisine.

Winter adventures

In winter and fall we offer a lot of exciting adventures such as dog sledding, northern light trips and ice fishing. We also set up a bonfire after fishing and cook our own dinner. This is perfect for small groups.

Summer adventures

Along the summer months we take a hike up the mountains or to one of the many rivers in the area to do some proper fishing. We also teach our customers to set up grouse traps, and how to skin and cook them as well.

Sami adventures

A massive part of our culture is the reindeer business. You will come to understand why we have eight seasons instead of the traditional four, and get to take part in story-telling, cooking and camping in lavvus.

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Sara Husky

Dog sledding
Ice fishing
River fishing
Northern Lights

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