Sara Visit Siida
Sara Visit Siida
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A visit to Arctic Sápmi

Welcome to Sara siida! This is an unique opportunity to meet a family of reindeer herders and experience the rich history and fascinating nature of the area. Hear the classic sami joik and a possibility to feed reindeers!

Sara Visit Siida strives for an exceptional and authentic Sami experience you’ll never forget. We want you to take part of the Sami culture and see how the indigenous people of Norway live. We seek to promote, and engage participants to take part in sustainable development in reindeer husbandry and in nature.

Our camp consist of a cosy lavvo seated for 15 persons around the campfire. Outside you will find our reindeer herd where you will have the opportunity to feed them. During the tour you can hear the Sami language and maybe learn some words, including Sami joik! We offer a delicious lunch inspired by the Sami cuisine.

We offer activities such as lassoing, snowmobiling and feeding reindeers.

Tour time: 3 hours.

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Sara Visit Siida


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