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We know Lady Aurora Borealis like we know a best friend. Our hot tips and loving advice all captured in this Guidebook, available on Amazon and our website.

We know that each and every group is different. This is why we SPECIALISE in TOUR CUSTOMISATION. Be it a family group tour, business retreat, meditation retreat or an all-girls getaway, we know just the attractions that are best suited! We are thrilled to immerse you in the best local experience that money can buy.

Get an insider’s peek into the locals’ way of life. We bring you to a local’s home for dinner, serve you the most authentic Norwegian cuisines and give you access to hidden gems that only the locals know of. Spend the night in the most exotic accommodations like the Sami Tippi Tent, the Arctic Dome or the Treehouse. Indulge in activities that promise to reawaken the child in you. The vast open spaces, filled abundantly with raw nature here, is simply therapy for the mind and soul. Leave Norway with a singing heart and sparkle in your eyes. Let us take you to the HEART of Norway!

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