The Senja Troll, The Hulder- and Troll Park

The Senja Troll, The Hulder- and Troll Park is an adventure centre and tourist attraction on outer Senja. The Troll was opened in 1993 and was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records in 1997 as the world’s biggest troll at a height of 17.69 metres and weighing in at 125 tonnes.

Inside the troll there are two storeys which are home to an adventure world based on the old legends of Senja. There is also a post office with its own troll stamp as well as postal stamps featuring trolls.

On the path up to Hulderheimen there are “signature steps” on which celebrities have left their hand and foot prints in concrete slabs. Norway’s answer to the “Walk of Fame”. The park has outdoor areas with playgrounds for little ones and the original Sesame train, known from a TV series about the Sesame Station.

The park is the most visited in Troms with visitors coming from around the world. The car park has spaces available for buses and motorhomes. No admission fee is charged for entry to the attraction as whole - only for the Troll and the Troll’s Wife.

Entertaining in ‘Trollet’ twice a day in July kl. 13 and 16.

The Senja Troll, The Hulder- and Troll Park

Trollveien 6, NO-9385 Skaland