Slemmestad Library / Geology Centre / Cement Museum

A walk through the history of Slemmestad is to experience both the distant and recent past of the town. The journey takes you through the geological history of the area, as well as the story of its cement industry.

The geology of the area is world famous and there are rich deposits  of fossils to be found here. You can follow marked trails in the area,  where it is possible to see many different types of rocks, including, among other things, the lava flows of the Oslo Rift. If you’re lucky, you might also find some fossils.

Signs at the various points of interest can also be supplemented with information booklets. These can be purchased at the library, which also houses the Geology Centre where you can find more information about the geology of the area, as well as what the area’s most common fossils, minerals, and rock types are.

Displays of photographs and artefacts in the Cement Museum show 100 years of industrial history. We can follow the background to the limestone deposits in the area, production methods, and not least the great importance of the factory to Slemmestad and its population.

Slemmestad Library / Geology Centre / Cement Museum

Vaterlandveien 13, NO-3470 Slemmestad