Sørlistøa Log Drive Museum

Log driving is the traditional way of transporting timber in Norway, and involves using rivers and lakes as a means of transportation. At Sørlistøa Log Drive Museum you can learn more about this old-fashioned way of forestry. The cabin of Sørlistøa was for many years the base of the log driving in the area. When the practice of log driving seized in 1984, Sørlistøa was made into a museum.

The old tugboat MS Trysilknut, can take you across the idyllic Lake Osen (Osensjøen). This is a unique possibility to feel like an authentic log driveworker from the olden days. After exploring the lake, treat yourself to some fresh waffles, traditionally served with jam and sour cream.

The museum is open during weekends in the summer months.

For more info, visit https://sorlistoa.no/

Sørlistøa Log Drive Museum

Valmen 518, 2460 Osen