Søstun Farm

Live and run your own farm – where adventure and vacation go hand in hand.

Experience some good old fashion farm life in romantic surroundings. Our farm is perfect for families or groups who wants to stay close to nature. We facilitate a diverse option of activities where caring and spending time with animals plays a central role.


The farm has been actively used since the 17th century – the buildings on the farm is quite old; Bua was built in 1805 and the farmhouse was rebuilt in 1905. Since the first farmers, Ole and Marthe, the farm has been passed down for 9 generations.

The farm and household

A vacation here is both a relaxing and adventures experience all at once. You will have the farm completely to yourself during your stay and we can accommodate up to 10 guests.

We will facilitate everything you want to the best of our ability and we can combine different activities if requested. You can take use of the resources on the farm as well, for example go and pick fresh eggs from the hens and cook your own breakfast – during the summer and fall we also have a range of vegetables, fruits and berries that can be picked. We also have a rich pantry stacked with everything you need for a nutritious diet.

TV and free WiFi is of course available, and we have boardgames and a large library as well. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary equipment.

Towels, firewood and basics is included in the price.

A heartfelt welcome to Søstun Farm.

Søstun Farm

Snesbølgutua 52, 2232 Tobøl. Eidskog, Hedmark.
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