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Stall Meyer
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Stall Meyer

Located on the island of Rolla in the fabulous municipality of Ibestad. The island is connected to the mainland by a tunnel. Ferry to Harstad, the nearest city. While staying at Stall Meyer, you can experience seaside activities, majestic mountains as well as idyllic fishing lakes. If the weather is nice, you might be able to watch the midnight sun (May-August) and the northern light (September-April.)

If you want to avoid crowded places and lots of tourists, but still like to experience the scenery and hospitality of Northern Norway, this is the place for you. If desired, we can arrange shuttle from the airports at Bardufoss and Evenes.

Main house has 3 bedrooms with 9 beds all together as well as kitchen, living room and bath room.

Small cabin (next to the main house) with 4 beds and access to a bathroom is also available.

Family cabin, located close to a small lake (270 m. above sea level) has 2 (3) bedrooms. There is no water or electricity inside. If desired, we can offer transportation.

Birdwatching: The area close to Stall Meyer is an amazing site for birding.
Fishing: We can arrange for you to go fishing either in lakes or at sea.
Mountain hiking: There are lots of different possibilities to go hiking in the area as well as peak riding in the mountains.
Horseback riding: Go for a ride in the beautiful surroundings.
(Spring, summer and fall.)
Riding lessons: We offer riding lessons during the summer

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Stall Meyer

Horseback Riding
Sea fishing
River fishing
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