Steigen Folk Museum
Steigen Folk Museum
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Welcome to Breidablikk, a doctor’s residence dating from 1877. The lady of the house offers delicious “lefser” and cakes, which can be enjoyed in the café or outside in the lush garden.

You can go on a guided tour through the doctor’s fine rooms and visit his surgery, where you will become acquainted with a country doctor’s working conditions at the end of the nineteenth century.

A crofter’s cottage, a smithy, a store and a building with a large collection of agricultural and fishing equipment are also found here. In the store you can buy sweets and dried fish.

The doctor’s residence is situated in a beautiful area with several points of cultural interest. Walk from Laskestad School past the vicarage and through the garden with its ancient trees, down the avenue and past the grave mounds from the viking age, until you come to Steigen Bygdetun. You will then have wandered through several centuries of Engeløya’s history.

The old Skagstad school can be visited on request.

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Steigen Folk Museum

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