Sula Rorbuer

A Holiday Paradise by the Ocean

Welcome to Sula Rorbuer og Havhotell
Your dream, our vision

Sula is a picturesque typically Norwegian fishing village by the coast of Trøndelag, where the civilisation ends and the Norwegian Sea begins.

Sula’s history goes all the way back to the 1200s. Fishermen from all over Trøndelag and the Møre’s coast moved to this island to join this exciting fishing realm.

The Sula archipelago is not only known for it’s fishing activity, but also for it’s abundance of wild fauna that inhabits the many isles that surrounds us. The breathtaking Atlantic landscape that shapes an idyllic scenario from many fishermen’s folktales, is undoubtedly what makes you want to come back. Therefore, Sula Rorbuer og Havhotell is excited to provide you an unforgettable adventure by the Norwegian Sea, the sea holidays you always dreamed of.

Sula Rorbuer

Følingsveien 22, 7280 SULA
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