Suolovuopmi Mountain Lodge
Suolovuopmi Mountain Lodge

Suolovuopmi Mountain Lodge

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About us

Lodging in peaceful nature and friendly environment surrounded by traces of those who have created the history. The area is a vivid recreation area. You can contact the lodge’s partners if you wish activities of different nature. The lodge is located in the country’s largest municipality, Kautokeino, 80 km north of the community center and 53 km south of Alta. In Kautokeino Municipality there are approx 10000 fishing waters, making sure there is excellent fishing opportunities. One can wander around for hours and just experience the plateau’s endless silence or take advantage of the area’s fishing and hunting opportunities in an uninhabited nature.

The cafe / restaurant has a quiet atmostphere. Meals are based on ancientknowledge in both new and old costume of local raw materials. We use pure organic food, local produce that is processed in its own kitchen and from local small producers. We also use raw materials from our own kitchen garden, the wild nature, fish from local rivers and meat from local producers in the area. Home baked cakes and breads. Maximum fresh, organic, locally and new flavors of forgotten knowledge and forgotten applications.

Welcome to an unforgettable and historic experience.

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Suolovuopmi Mountain Lodge

What we offer

Suolovuopmi Mountain Lodge

Cabin rental
Northern Lights
Midnight sun
River fishing

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