Svalbard Museum
Svalbard Museum
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About us

Svalbard Museum tells the story about Svalbard’s natural- and cultural history.

True artifacts, pictures and sceneries are presented in the exhibition, giving the visitor a glimpse of true Arctic life on the ice, in the sea and on land.

In the exhibition you will find fossil marine reptiles found on Svalbard as well as a presentation of the Svalbard Global Seed vault.

The Global Seed vault is placed in the permafrost, deep down in the mountains of Svalbard, designed to store duplicates of seeds from most countries of the world.

The Museums gift shop offers a wide selection of Svalbard- and Arctic literature in several languages, high quality souvenirs, postcards, maps of Svalbard and the Arctic and posters, real fossils and jewelry crafted by local artists.

Svalbard Museum has a welcoming atmosphere and here you will also find The Governor of Svalbard’s environmental Information to the public, The Art collection Kunsthall Svalbard, and the University Centre in Svalbard – UNIS.

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Svalbard Museum

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