The Arctic University Museum of Norway

Tromsø Museum
The largest museum inside the Arctic Circle offers comprehensive displays on the Sami culture past and present. Unique interactive exhibition on the Northern Lights – make your own in our plasma chamber! Large exhibition on natural and man-made changes in Nature. Stone Age exhibition, Viking longhouse and medieval church art. Sami turf hut outside open during summer. Well-stocked museum shop.

The Polar Museum
Discover exiting stories of risky Arctic trapping and sea mammal hunting as well as curagous Polar explorators. Lovely situated in an 1830s warehouse on the seafront.

MS Polstjerna (the Polar Star)
Discover the most authentic and best preserved vessel from the hayday of seal hunting. This one operated for 33 years and brought back nearly 100,000 seals.

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine botanical garden
Discover the beauty of alpine flowers from around the World and the fascinating world of Arctic plants. The Primula and Saxifraga collections are marvellous! Small café and shop open during the summer. The Garden is only a 5 minutes walk from Tromsø Cruise Port.

The Arctic University Museum of Norway

Lars Thørings vei 10, NO-9037 Tromsø