The Aurora Chaser
The Aurora Chaser
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Join my relentless tours searching for the magic Aurora Borealis!Welcome to the guide from the TV success on BBC1 which fascinated 6.6 million viewers in UK. He have also participated in many other programs for BBC, 60 minutes, Globo Sporto and so on. It is a reason why they choose him as their guide.

The Aurora Chaser, Kjetil Skogli, is a local Norwegian guide with great knowledge and experience when it comes to weather conditions, the psychics about the Northern lights and photography. As one of the first who started with organized tours, with more than 10 real years of experience, to chase the lights and clear skies you will be in good hands on his comfortable tours.

You will experience a real chase that will give you the best opportunity to see the elusive, mysterious and beautiful Northern Lights. Tromsø and the surrounding area has become one of the hottest and best spots to see the Northern lights and the county of Troms is really his backyard.

He is a professional cameraman and if you want to capture the lights, you will get professional help to adjust your camera for the best way to capture Aurora Borealis with her celestial dancing.

Other tours:
- The Joanna Lumley route:
 4 days tours where you follow the footsteps of Mrs Lumley when he helped her to find the lights. Including one night in the same Ice Hotel, dogsled and snowmobiling. To participate in this tours is like traveling trough an oil painting of beautiful scenery

- Aurora Wildcard tour: 3-5 days tours where you chase clear skies and the lights with almost no specific plan for where you end up. One of the most exciting tours if you really want to give yourself the best chance to find the lights

- Sail & Photo: The Aurora Chaser Kjetil Skogli arrange tours with Boreal Yachting to experience the coast of Norther Norway. Season depending it will be whales, northern lights, autumn colors and winter lights. This tours last from 3-6 days with sailboats from 40 to 50 feet.

Other tailormade tours like dogsled, tentcamp etc on demand

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