The crofter’s cottage in Kjelvik
The crofter’s cottage in Kjelvik
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Kjelvik is situated at the top of a hill below a woody ridge and stands testament to the conditions the Nothern Norwegian crofters of Sami decent lived by. Time has more or less stood still here since the last occupant passed away in 1967. Here you can experience an authentic croft through the original tools, furnishings and clothes found in the old buildings. Get hold of the rake handle. Go in the smithy and pick up the blacksmith’s tongs. Go into the small rooms and try to imagine how they managed without running water and electricity.

The last occupants were four unmarried siblings. Edvard, Karen, Hans and Anna lived together and worked the farm. They had four cows, sheep, a couple of goats and a horse. They each specialised in different craftwork.

From the smallholding there is a 2km long path down to the fjord. This was the old access route from the sea and, prior to the building of the E6, was the only way in to Kjelvik.

This area was once a Sami settlement. It started with reindeer herding and then moved on to fishing and farming. We know that people lived here from 1747. The buildings consist of a cottage,a cowshed/barn, a wood-hall, “Patihuset”(a “cookhouse” and smithy), “sjeltersjåg”(shed), a cellar and a mill.

Kjelvik is one of 22 nationally selected “Special Cultural Landscapes” because of it’s rich variety of plant life and the traditional farming techniques used on the site.

Lefse and other traditional foods are sold at the croft.

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The crofter’s cottage in Kjelvik

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The crofter’s cottage in Kjelvik

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