The Munch Centre
The Munch Centre
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The famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, known for the iconic painting "The Scream", was born in Løten in 1863. Although the Munch family moved to Oslo in 1864, they still visited friends in Løten regularly. It is believed that the landscape and the village life in Løten had a great significance to Edvard Munch’s development as a person and as an artist. Many of his early drawings are of people from Løten and the surrounding districts.

At the Munch Centre you can learn more about Edvard Munch and his art. There is also a Munch trail, containing five boards marking places Edvard Munch was associated with in Løten. There are regular guided tours of the Munch centre at noon every day in the summer season, except Monday and Saturday. In 2019, the centre offers an immersive experience: Edvard Munch’s The Sun in VR.

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The Munch Centre

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