The Telemark Gallery (Telemarksgalleriet)
The Telemark Gallery (Telemarksgalleriet)
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The Telemark Gallery (Telemarksgalleriet) stages exhibitions of national and international works of art. The art museum’s permanent exhibitions provide an arena for works of art from the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum’s art collection. The Telemark Gallery’s exhibition hall is a monumental industrial space dating back to the early 1900s. The space is used to exhibit the work of guest artists and an contextualise the museum’s own collection.

The art collection contains pictures from Telemark’s golden era of hydropower development and industrialisation, and offers an important and historically relevant cross-section of Norwegian socially engaged art. The collection also contains modern pictorial artwork with links to industry and innovation, such as works by Mathias Faldbakken and Per Berntsen. A large part of the collection was donated by the Terje Bergstad Foundation.

This year’s exhibition will present key works by artists such as Christian Skredsvig, Henrik Sørensen, Reidar Aulie and Theodor Kittelsen.

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The Telemark Gallery (Telemarksgalleriet)

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The Telemark Gallery (Telemarksgalleriet)


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