The Viking Ship Museum
The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum

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The Viking Ship Museum

Come face to face with some of the world’s greatest Viking treasures! Experience the best preserved Viking Ships in the world and unique burial artefacts from boat graves around the Oslo Fjord. These ships have been on voyages of the sea before they became the final resting place for their wealthy owners. Here you will see incredible woodcarvings, mysterious skeleton remains and an immersive film that takes you into the Viking era. This is a museum experience out of the ordinary.

The Historical museum and the Viking Ship Museum is a part of the Museum of Cultural History which is connected to the University of Oslo. The exhibitions in the museums reflects our rich academic community within archeology, ethnography and numismatics

Open every day.

1 October - 30 April: 10 - 16

1 May - 30 September: 9 - 18

Closed: 1 January, 5 February, 12 February 2020

One ticket, two museums. With a ticket to the Viking Ship Museum, you will also get free admission to the Historical Museum within 48 hours.

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The Viking Ship Museum

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The Viking Ship Museum

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