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Tinn Museum represents traditions associated with everyday life and celebrations in pre-industrial Vestfjord Valley (Vestfjorddalen). The open-air museum was one way the locals responded to the enormous challenges they faced when industrialisation rapidly gained a foothold in their valley. The museum provides knowledge about ancient methods of iron extraction and about strong local traditions in bladesmithing, locksmithing and traditions handicrafts. Visitors will see buildings, building traditions and depictions of ways of life stretching from the 1300s to the 1900s.

Opened in 1933

The museum was officially opened on 25 May 1933 with a grand opening party. The cooperation agreement between Tinn municipality as the owner and the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum Foundation was signed in 2004. In 2016 the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum decided that Tinn Museum should orient its dissemination activities towards the local population. The project titled Vel sådd, godt høstet (Well sown is well grown), which is supported by the Norwegian Environment Agency’s Sustainable Backpack initiative, is intended to help implement this shift in focus. Schools, day-care centres and local residents visit the museum in a variety of ways all year round. The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum is currently developing relevant and exciting events for Tinn Museum.

Visitors are always welcome to our museum.

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