Tromsø Lapland

Experience Sámi culture and Reindeer Sledding

The Sámi are the indigenous people of Scandinavia and have been living and working with reindeers for centuries. At Tromsø Lapland we invite you to visit our Sámi camp and join us for a genuine reindeer sledding safari, with an amazing view of the famous Lyngen Alp mountains.

The reindeer sledding safari is a genuine and family-friendly activity where all you need to do is sit on the sled and relax. We’ll make the sled all set for you and together with our Sámi guides you’ll ride under the Northern sky with breathtaking views of the Lyngen Alps.

At the camp our Sámi family is delighted to give you an insight into life in the Arctic, past and present. You will see colourful traditional Sámi costumes, have the opportunity to be surrounded by hundreds of swarming reindeer while helping us feed the herd, and feel the reindeer’s curious nose.

We even invite you to stay overnight in our lavvo tent, just a few meters from the reindeer. You sleep on reindeer-hides in winterinsulated sleeping-bags, and if you are lucky – under the dancing Northern Lights.

Our tours include tasting a traditional Sámi meal gathered around the bonfire in our lavvo. We’ll tell and share stories of our unique ancient culture and show you traditional artifacts and treasures.

Tromsø Lapland

Sjursnesvegen 144, NO-9027 Ramfjordbotn
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