Tromsø Villmarkssenter
Tromsø Villmarkssenter
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About us

Tromsø Villmarkssenter is a family-run dog sledding business, founded 30 years ago by the renowned dog sled racer Tove Sørensen. With activities running all year round, high-quality services and an excellent location, our center is one of the leading experience providers in Norway.

Tove and her son Torkil have dedicated their lives to their love of huskies, the arctic nature, and the dog sledding lifestyle. The Villmarkssenter is their home and the heart of their everyday life. This is why each of our tours is an invitation to our guests, to share our daily life for a while and experience first-hand all the things that make us happy.

Our summer portfolio includes hiking with huskies, puppy training sessions, daytime and midnight sun kayaking tours. In winter, you can join us for dog sledding trips, snowshoe hikes or visit our huskies under the northern lights. And those looking for a true arctic adventure can follow Tove and Torkil on a multiday sledding expedition into the wilderness!

We at Tromsø Villmarkssenter pride ourselves in providing authentic husky and nature experiences above the ordinary. Take contact with our team for individual travel recommendations and custom-made itineraries.

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Tromsø Villmarkssenter

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