Valberg Slektsgård
Valberg Slektsgård
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Valberg - Hospitality since 1520
The traditions for the festival are long at Valberg Slektsgård. Here you followed the rhythm of the seasons and celebrated the holidays as the custom meant. Christmas and other festivals, as well as spring and tortoise, had their own very specific rituals and practices. The same was true of life. Birth, weddings and funerals all had their customs and customs. These traditions are held today by Valberg. The trails for business around and around Valberg are many. Written sources can be found back to 1520, when Peder Vadberg owned the farm. Graves and rock carvings on and around Valberg, however, testify of human activity in the farm long before that time. In Mostadgata there is a bautastein, and nobody can say for sure when it was raised. The legend, however, says that it was thrown by jutulas in Forbordfjellet in protest against the Logtun church being built. It is also called that the
stone turns every time the church bells kim!

The grave hut just outside the farm is believed to be from the Viking era, and everything indicates that the people lived here. In 1872 the pile was leveled out, and then a track was found for a boat of earth and stone. The remains of the long haul were investigated in 1901. Among other things, two gold rings from the old iron age were found, as well as iron
and sealing.

With its long history, Valberg Slektsgård stands today as a testament to true, Trendy hospitality. The same family, although the farm name has changed somewhat over the centuries, has maintained the traditions since 1520.

Welcome to the farm
Here at Valberg Slekstsgård on Frosta, our family has lasted for generations. The farm is still in operation, and the traces of centuries of diligence and daily life are clear wherever you go. Here you will find unique and genuine experiences, whether you are seeking peace and quiet, or if you are more adventurous.

Whether you are organizing a company, a course, a conference or if you simply want a break from everyday life with family and friends, we invite you to enjoy true Trendy hospitality in a moodful environment

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