Valhall - Elegance of the Arctic
Valhall - Elegance of the Arctic

Valhall - Elegance of the Arctic

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About us

Valhall is located on the beautiful Krøttøy, also called the northern lights island, surrounded by an idyllic archipelago consisting of 365 small islands. The scenery around Krøttøy is amazing as the island is captured in a circle of high mountains on the islands Senja, Grytøy and Andøy. There are attractions such as Viking graves and the national museum at the fort Krøttøy.

Valhall hotel is located in the middle of nature and from here you can go on adventure trips by boat or on your own. In winter you can see the northern lights in all its glory without interfering of artificial light. At the same time large herds of whales find their way into the bay. Valhall arrange boat trips where you can see the whales at close range.

There are a lot of eagles in the area and we have good local knowledge of their nesting sites. We arrange tours and can guarantee that you will see these majestic birds of prey for photos and entertainment.

There are also excellent opportunities to go scuba diving due to the clear aqua blue sea. If you like fishing, you can rent a boat and get an experience for life. You can also rent fishing equipment as well as trips with Ribs in high speed. If you want a quieter holiday, you can rent bicycles and go off on your own. Beautiful beaches await you around every corner, so bring a picnic, and just enjoy the tranquility.

Valhall offers you accommodation in comfortable rooms with nature views. 60 beds divided on 16 new single rooms, 12 double rooms and 4 family rooms with five beds each. At Valhall you can enjoy great food from local and marine origin. Valhall is fully licensed for alcohol beverages.

The nearest airport is Harstad/Narvik lufthavn Evenes. The bus trip to Harstad takes only 40 minutes. The boat from Harstad to Valhall brings you there in just 50 minutes as you enjoy the beautiful nature.


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Valhall - Elegance of the Arctic

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Valhall - Elegance of the Arctic

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