Vannøy Sport og Havfiske
Vannøy Sport og Havfiske

Vannøy Sport og Havfiske

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About us

Have you had a tough decision choosing where in Troms you should go to experience as much as possible? Welcome to Vannøy Sport & Havfiske. We can offer you a wide range of activities as well as a unique accommodation experience.

Vannøy is known for some of the world’s best fishing spots when it comes to cod, wolf-fish, haddock, redfish and halibut – the world record for halibut with a rod was previously caught here. When staying at our place you can rent a boat for deep sea fishing; our boats are Kaassbøll aluminum boats with incredible qualities in rough sea. The boats are equipped with chart plotter, GPS and an echo sounding device, and they are also equipped with a tracking device in case of something should happen and you can sound an alarm that will alert us if assistance is needed. The boats are perfectly made for fishing, fully open and has several pole holders that’ll make the experience much easier for you.

We can also offer you wonderful safaris. If you’d like to go on a bird safari we’ll take you to the island of Nord-Fugløy which is one of the biggest bird mountains in Norway, including one of the biggest bird colonies of white tailed eagles in Europe. If whales are more your kind of adventure, experience the mighty killer whale; the whales often get curious and comes close to the boat and there’s no better experience than watching a killer whale jumping dry out of the ocean. And if you are more of a photo enthusiast we offer photo safaris that’ll bring you along on a journey through straits, bays and small islands in our rough and raw skerries around Vannøy.

Last, but not least, we offer our customers activities like hiking, water sports, skiing and northern light hunts.

Our rorbu’s is a special place to stay because they are situated on a key out in the sea surrounded by water on all sides. Our house by the sea is situated right next to the sea with a little beach in front of it – a great place for birdlife, hiking trails in the summer and skiing in the winter.

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Vannøy Sport og Havfiske

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