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About us

Vikran Vacation- fishing, diving, hiking and Northern Lights
Vikran Vacation is a new, all year-round, family driven holiday center. If you are adore living outside the city and having active holidays with photo camera, fishing rod and diving, this place is for you!

Perfectly located near Tromsø, it is situated at the sea-shore of Rystraumen, famous tidal current in the Straumsfjorden strait separating Kvaløya from the mainland to the south. This a popular recreation area with good fishing opportunities. We offer hospitality that is different from the hotel-stay, at the same time our new well equipped apartments provide you with everything you need for a comfort stay with “at home feeling”: wireless internet, well equipped kitchen, sauna, laundry. 20-24 persons can be accommodated at one time in our 5 apartments. We pay much attention on communication with our guests with the purpose to meet their needs and provide the best service.

Northern Lights
Our apartments are facing the North with the magnificent view on Tromsø, and as soon as the sky is clear, you will observe beautiful Northern Lights from the terrace. Best time for Northern Lights is September-March.

There are good fishing areas just 300-2000 meters from our center. Biggest catches of the last season are: cod about 22 kg, halibut 110 kilo, wolffish 10,4 kilo. We call our place as a “perfect for soft fishing” due to a good protection from strong winds. New boats Sting 18 ft and Kaasbøll 19 ft are available for rent and good both for sport fishermen and families with kids. Professional guide can help with all fishing equipment and techniques. Best time for fishing of wolffish is April-May, Halibut – July-September. Cod can be caught all the year round.

Ice fishing
Just in 70 km from our place the fjord covers with ice in January-March.

Have you ever tried an Arctic Diving? We are the only one who starts offering it in Troms region. The best place for diving is Rystraumen. This activity can be done the whole year round, and the best time is from August to December, when the water is clear and warm. Rystraumen is a protected area due to the rich diversity of flora and fauna. You can also dive to the famous Tirpitz or other planes and ships from the Second World War, lying on the sea button.

Diving with whales
All tourists would like to see whales from the boats, and many offer that. Nobody offers diving with whales. Are you interested? We can organize it.

If you like hiking, you will find signposted trails of different categories nearby.

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