Visit Østfold

Østfold by the Oslofjord - the gateway to Norway!

Welcome to the county which has more than a 1000 islands along an endless coastline and archipelago. No other place in Norway has more sun, and with its 100 beaches Østfold is often called the holiday paradise of the Oslo Fjord.

Østfold has great fishing lakes, bright yellow fields, charming villages and cosy eateries. Multitude of both indoor and outdoor activities - in the scenic forests, by the lakes or the sea, and in the cities and small towns. The region plays a key role in the history of Norway, and features fortifications from different ages. Østfold has a large number of museums displaying ancient and modern history, industrial developement, art and culture, and times of war. Each museum has its own special character.

There are two wonderful watercourses running through the county - The Halden Canal and Glomma. The canal is 80 km long and has the highest locks in Europe – almost 30 meters. Explore the nature and sceneries with a canoe, go biking and hiking, or just sit back on a relaxing boat trip in the summer season. Østfold hosts a number of exciting sports and cultural events throughout the year. Opera, musicals, car shows, international cykling races and a numerous music festivals. The county offer a wide range of accomodation possibilities, from exclusive spa hotel to “gapahuk” – shelters in the countryside.

Visit Østfold

Østfold, Norway
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