Welcome to VossVind!

VossVind is Norway’s first vertical, recirculating wind tunnel. In a wind tunnel you can experience to fly in a safe and controlled environment. Many are thinking of flying in the wind tunnel as an extreme sport, but it is not. It is completely safe – just extremely fun!

Who can fly?

The oldest who has flown with us is 94 years old, and the age limit to fly is 5 years old. Many thinks of flying in a wind tunnel as extreme sport, but it is not.

Flying for the first time?

You do not need any knowledge about flying before you enter our doors. All packages include instruction, equipment rental, and an instructor with you at all time when you fly.


At VossVind you can combine the professional business with social activities. We can host your clientele meetings, staff meetings, team building, conferences and more. Combine your business with soaring the wind for a perfect company outing!

Packages and prices

Of course you should experience the feeling of flying! We have different packages for families and friends, small and large groups, companies and bachelor parties who are looking for an adventure. For skydivers we offer tunnel time with excellent coaching. No matter what experience or level you are at, you will be taken good care of by our experienced instructors.

We can also offer a selection of other activities such as abseiling, high rope, zipline and rafting in collaboration with other companies located nearby.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Oberst Bulls veg 28, N-5705 VOSS
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