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The Wild Seas concept is to develop unique, exclusive wilderness safaris carefully crafted with quality, comfort and excellence in mind. Join us and dive into a complete adventure filled with first-class attractions and unforgettable experiences. Let Wild Seas be your guide into Norway’s inspiring seas and mountain vistas.

Experience Norway with Wild Seas!
Join Wild Seas to explore Tromsø and Lofoten’s dramatic fjords, captivating wildlife and experience unique adventures. Visit these top nature destinations under the mystical Northern lights or midnight sun and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Winter Safari Packages
Travel to Norway’s winter wonderland and go on a journey like no other! Wild Seas offers several once-in-a lifetime nature-based experiences that can be done as day trips as well as multi-day packages. Whether you love the cold weather or not, Norway will leave you breathless during the winter season.

Experience the Northern Lights!
One of the most popular activity is Northern lights viewing and we offer several aurora-themed tour packages such as Glamping under the Northern lights, dinning under an aurora-filled sky onboard our beautiful tall ship and chasing the Northern Lights by small bus.

Try our Whale Research Safari
Go whale watching and help fund whale research & conservation projects. Become an explorer: track whales; take photos while listening for the captivating songs of the wild. Our marine mammal specialist will introduce you to the whales of Norway and our guests have the possibility to take part in the research and become a marine biologist for the day.

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