Northern Lights Safari

Isak, tell me a little bit about yourself and your team first. What is your background?

Both me and all in my team are born and bred under the northern lights. We all come from the northern part of Norway and love to spend time in the arctic surroundings.

Personally, I’ve always loved watching the Northern lights and I have been hunting it for many years before Northern lights safari was founded.

Together with my family we have been hunting and taking pictures of Ms. Aurora for a long time. Then one day we had the idea that we wanted to share the magic happening in the arctic circle with others who may not have seen it before.

Have you always wanted to work with tourism?

When I was younger I did not know what I wanted to do when i grew up, but I have always known that I wanted to work with people and not behind a desk. I love the outdoor life and cannot sit still inside for long.

After some time hunting the Northern lights for myself I realized that I had the possibility to work with something I loved doing. I could be outdoor enjoying and at the same time work with people from all around the world.

As a newly founded company with a lot of competitors, what separates your company from the rest?

I could talk about many things here. First of all, since we are a smaller, family owned business we take a much lower price than the big companies, but we also focus on making the product as complete as the biggest ones.

Even though we take the lowest price, we still serve amazing homemade food, Norwegian cakes and cookies and coffee or hot chocolate.

What separates us even more from other competitors is that we take smaller groups and connect much more with our customers than others do. We have plenty of time to take care of all our guests personally and adjust everything after their needs.

Tromsø has become a popular travel destination over the years and is attracting tourists from all over the world. What do you believe are some of the reasons behind the popular increase?

The most natural reason for the growth in tourism in the northern part of Norway is of course the northern lights. I would say that in winter time probably 99 percent of the tourists are here for the northern lights.

Social media plays a big part too, as it probably does for all destinations. Now people see pictures and videos everywhere of northern lights and this naturally brings them here. If you want to follow us and see majestic pictures from our tours, follow us on Instagram: @northernlightssafari

Also, we can mention that Tromsø city is growing rapidly and that makes the city more attractive for tourists.

Tell me about your northern lights’ safari – what should your customers expect and what are some of the usual misconceptions?

Our customers can expect local guides with a lot of knowledge about the arctic surroundings.

We take you outside the city and away from the city lights in our comfortable minibus. Where we go depends on the weather. We check the forecast and talk to our partners to find the best spot to wait.

We can provide warm clothes, food, a snack, hot/cold drinks, tripod and pictures from our tour.

We promise you that we do everything we can to find the Northern lights, even if we must drive all the way into Finland!

Your fjord tour is perfect for anyone who loves wildlife and nature, but as somebody who has seen the landscape your entire life, do you still find it special and if so, what is your favorite part about it?

Yes, I still find our nature very special. The atmosphere inside fjords are amazing. The quietness and wilderness with the mountains rising straight from the sea are incredible.

I often like to camp outside and spend the night even though I am born here. It is amazing even the 100th time.